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Annual Awards Overview


Rabb-Venable alumni come from diverse backgrounds with shared attributes: a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a deep desire to better health outcomes in underserved communities.

Since its founding more than 20 years ago, the Rabb-Venable Excellence in Ophthalmology Program has nurtured the professional growth of hundreds of students who are underrepresented in medicine. Our alumni include medical students, residents, and fellows in ophthalmology from the nation’s top public and private universities and medical schools. Academic institutions include Duke, Harvard, Howard, Penn, UCLA, U-M, and Vanderbilt, to name a few.


Our alumni are known for their academic excellence, their commitment to ophthalmology, and their community-focused view of patient care. Below you’ll find profiles of our most recent participants.

Application Submission Deadline:
March 31, 2023


Notification of Program Finalists:
May 30, 2023


NMA Annual Convention:
July 28-31, 2023

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