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VOLUNTEER: Be a Scholarship Judge

Our judges take their role seriously, assessing each application submission and presentation critically, yet fairly – with an eye on future impact.

The Rabb-Venable Excellence in Ophthalmology Program is possible because of the tireless work of our judges, who are dedicated to raising up the next generation of Black, Latino American, and Native American ophthalmologists. Their enthusiasm for, and critical review of, Rabb-Venable abstract submissions and presentations is deeply appreciated and respected.


Rabb-Venable judges have often told us that their role is a rewarding and satisfying one. Assessing and providing feedback on abstracts and presentations allows them to encourage the interest of medical students in the field of ophthalmology while also offering mentorship opportunities. In some cases, our judges have been participants and winners of past Rabb-Venable competitions!

We experience an ongoing need for new participants to volunteer their expertise as a Rabb-Venable Excellence in Ophthalmology Program judge. If you are interested in joining our panel, please complete the attached form.   


Interested in contributing to the Rabb-Venable program?


We’re looking for judges and mentors to guide the next generation of ophthalmologists who are underrepresented in medicine. Together, let’s put them on a “Pathway to Success.”
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