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VOLUNTEER: Become a Mentor

Every successful career path is marked by the footsteps of mentors who have walked along the way, guiding and cheering onward to the next opportunity.

Mentors serve a critical role in preparing medical students for the rigors of ophthalmology residency programs and various academic research opportunities. It is through the giving of their time and wisdom that students are primed for achievement in their field. That’s why we’ve created Pathway to Success, a program designed to provide Black, Latinx, and Native American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander medical students in ophthalmology with guidance and counsel to achieve professional success.


Pathway to Success offers one-to-one mentorships, workshops, events, and Fireside Chats to Rabb-Venable applicants and alumni. These opportunities have proven invaluable, with Rabb-Venable alumni crediting their professional success to mentors they developed relationships with through our program and the NMA – Ophthalmology Section.


We welcome your interest and participation in Pathway to Success as a mentor. Together, we can provide our future leaders with the tools they need to excel in ophthalmology.

Rabb-Venable Ophthalmology Scholarship P

Interested in contributing to the Rabb-Venable program?


We’re looking for judges and mentors to guide the next generation of ophthalmologists who are underrepresented in medicine. Together, let’s put them on a “Pathway to Success.”
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